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Milwaukee House Painters

House Painters Milwaukee

house painters milwaukee wi

There are a ton of professional contractors who would be happy to paint your home or business interiors and exteriors. Milwaukee House Painters gives you the best service combined with affordable prices and outstanding quality.

Our goal is to paint your house so well that the neighbors come over and compliment you on the beautiful new look!

Trust us, new paint on your exterior will provide that "wow" factor that everyone is looking for. Whether you're a homeowner looking to improve the curb appeal or your a home remodeling company looking to add ROI, we've got the services you need here at Milwaukee House Painters! Just give us a call for a free painting estimate today.

About Us - Local House Painters

Milwaukee House Painters has been in business for decades. We started as a local mom and pop painting service and have managed to expand into a bustling painting company over the years.

We work with the most qualified team of experienced painters and that allows us to showcase our work throughout Milwaukee county. Our local painting contractors that work for us believe in their work and take pride in the job they do. That's what we think separates us from other painters around Milwaukee, we care!

And we want you to be proud of the final product you see. It's your home, and you should be happy looking at it every day when you come home from work. We talk about more fun painting tips and tricks here on our blog if you'd like to see more.

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    Our Painting Services

    We offer a wide variety of painting services here in Milwaukee. Obviously, we specialize in exterior house painting. We can do everything from vinyl to brick to stone and anything else you could have. And since we are painting contractors, we can definitely help with any other painting projects you may need inside your house. We even recently expanded our services to include things like decks and fences outside!

    house painting milwaukee wisconsin

    Exterior House Painting

    Looking for a high quality exterior house painter in Milwaukee? Well how about calling a local company that has decades of experience with house painting! Here at Milwaukee House Painters, we've been doing exterior paint forever it feels like, but we absolutely love what we do.

    Nothing is more satisfying that having the big reveal for our clients. When they get that first look at the new exterior paint job with the colors they've chosen. We love seeing the reaction because we know it's going to be exciting. If you want to grab the attention of everyone in the neighborhood, consider a new house paint color. Get a free quote from a reputable exterior painter like us and let's get that "wow" factor happening with you too!

    milwaukee commercial exterior painting

    Commercial Exterior Painting

    It’s easy to make a good first impression when you have a fresh coat of paint applied to the exterior of your business. Regardless of the type of business you own or operate, it’s important to make sure that it always looks its absolute best. A fresh coat of paint provides a vibrant and new feel to a business.

    We’ll even help you select an appropriate color that will attract potential customers and clients and give your business and upscale feel. Our Milwaukee Painters can help you with commercial exterior painting no matter how big or small the job may be. Contact us today for a free consultation and painting quote on your business exterior.

    “There was no other painting company that could do what we wanted to have done than Milwaukee House Painters. We knew that when we spoke to them about how we wanted the exterior of our business to be painted, that they could accommodate our request. They did better than we could have ever imagined possible, which is why we want to recommend their services. ” – Tom J.

    “The service from these painters was better than I could've imagined. We've talked with plenty of one-off painters who can do some work in their spare time, but it never felt right. With these Milwaukee House Painters, they were always professional and I love how our home looks now! Great work and I'll recommend them. ” – Jessica B.

    painters in milwaukee wi

    Interior Painting

    Obviously since we're a painting contractor in Milwaukee, we are able to offer interior painting services. What else would we do for those cold winter stretches when no one can walk outside? That's a Milwaukee joke there.

    We offer both residential and commercial painting services. We can work by the room or by the job depending on the situation. It's always best to do a visual inspection of a larger project before quoting, but sometimes we can give estimates with just pictures. For smaller projects, clients are welcome to email us pictures or even text one of our painters with a quote request.

    power washing to prepare for milwaukee painting

    Pressure Washing

    Often times, pressure washing comes standard with our exterior painting services. But sometimes we get calls for just pressure washing services and we can offer that occasionally.

    When you need to have your driveway, patio, deck, concrete, fence, lawn furniture, or home exterior pressure washed, you can count us to handle it for you. Pressure washing is a powerful tool with a unique nozzle that applies the appropriate amount of pressure and soap to the surface being cleaned.

    As experienced pressure washing professionals, we know how to handle the power of our pressure washing equipment. Pressure washing is a job that is better left in the hands of a qualified, professional, who is fully aware of the amount of strength required to properly and safely maneuver pressure washing equipment.

    “We've never had such great service and communication from a painting company like we had with Milwaukee House Painters. Just incredible really. Everything was done exceptionally well and we're so happy with the result!” – Jordan L.

    “When summer rolls around, we like to have everything in place for our kids, such as pool cleaning, deck cleaning, and landscaping. We didn’t know that Milwaukee House Painters also offered pressure washing services. We decided to give them a try and they did such a great job that we had them wash our driveway too.” – Amanda R.

    deck painting milwaukee

    Miscellaneous Painting

    When you are looking for a local painter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to paint the interior or exterior of your property, you have come to the right place, Milwaukee House Painters.

    We are expanding our offers into additional items like outdoor decks, fences, trim and more. Anyone who is having remodeling work or renovations made to their property might need a painter for some random project. We can be that painting company to help you in a tight situation!

    Our knowledgeable associates will also consult with you about possible paint colors. Especially for remodels or house flips where the purpose is to maximize the return on the investment. Let one of our experienced painters walk you through the quality paints and color options on the market today.

    “We needed painters that we could always depend on to get in and get out so that we could lease our apartments as quickly as possible. Milwaukee House Painters proved to be the most dependable and impressive team of experienced painters, which is why we gave them the contract.” – Charles P.

    Our Service Area

    Here at Milwaukee House Painters, we proudly serve all of Milwaukee county and are beginning to expand into Waukesha county.

    If you need painting services in Milwaukee, West Allis, Oak Creek, Shorewood, Glendale, Wauwatosa, New Berlin, Brookfield, Butler, Elm Grove or nearby, give us a call.

    As we continue to grow, we will continue to expand our service area. Our goal is to be the #1 exterior house painting company in southeaster Wisconsin in a few years! That's a lot of pressure, but we believe we can grow into that title soon here.

    Contact Milwaukee House Painting Today!

    If you require any type of painting performed, you can depend on our professional painters in Milwaukee. They have the demonstrated ability to effectively perform any job that is requested of them. Whenever you contact us about your service needs, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable and efficient painting professionals who will offer you the best quality of painting services in the city. When we arrive, we arrive with everything that is needed to perform our job effectively. If you have a budget then just let us know and we’ll offer services that you fit your needs and that are within your budget.